Ultimate Wash Program

    Unlimited washes at any of our locations ...Wash your car Daily!

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    The Program


    At a low Cost of $295.00 per year you get a value worth approximately $1200.00*

    That’s more than  75% savings for an entire year! And at Fast Eddie’s you can wash your car daily at any of our locations.


    When you become a member you will receive the following:


                    1. Plastic I.D. card for each car enrolled in the wash program.

                    2. I.D. sticker for your car, which must be firmly affixed to the windshield.

                    3. Complete membership instructions and information.

                    4. Addresses of all locations.


    No more worries about salt, slush and dirt ruining the finish of your car!

    *Based on washing your car 4 times weekly for one year.

                    *Prices vary per locations.

    Questions & Answers


    Q   What if I sell my car?

    A  You can transfer your card for a new vehicle for a fee of $10.00 One transfer per card per year. You must return both original card and sticker or transfer will be denied Membership will be forfeited.

    Q   Can my spouse or other family members wash my car?

    A  Yes. As long as they display your membership card and your I.D. Sticker firmly affixed to your windshield.

    Q  Can I enroll my pickup truck in your program?

    A  Absolutely. Tell your friends.

    Q  Can I get my interior cleaned or my car waxed?

    A  Yes, but it is not included in this program. You must pay extra for these services.

    Q  Where can I wash my car?

    A  At any Fast Eddies/Letavis location. The addresses and phone numbers are on the back of your member card.

    Q  Can I wash 2 cars the same day?

    A  Yes, if they are both enrolled and have your member card and sticker displayed.

    Q  When does my membership end?

    A  Your member card expires on the date and the month displayed.

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